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Subsonic longboard skateboard Chief Ladiga Silver Comet Challenge
Subsonic longboard skateboard Metamorphosis 36 JP Rowan boarder cross
Subsonic longboard skateboard GT 40 at Adrenalina marathon race
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Subsonic longboard skateboard team at Adrenalina marathon race
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Subsonic longboard skateboard Leunam Segura at Adrenalina marathon race
subsonic longboard skateboard Andrew Andras at Adrenalina marathon race
Subsonic longboard skateboard Alicia on twin Vega at night
Subsonic longboard skateboard Jon Huey at Cathlamet
chip wood at mcgnarly
Subsonic Skateboards skip
Ultra Skate 2015 in Miami Florida
Subonic Lonboards Slideshow 2
Claudia Clase at the Ultra Skate Miami
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Subsonic longboard skateboard Lexi Hutchings at Adrenalina marathon race
"Pleasure and action make the hours seem short."

-William Shakespeare

"Skate with your right foot forward"

- Not your wrong foot

“Playing it safe is the most popular way to fail.”

-Elliott Smith

“Be yourself – everyone else is taken.”


"If your style had a face I'd punch it!"

- Anonymous

"I came, I saw, I conquered."

-Julius Caesar

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower"

-Steve Jobs

"Live Slow Skate Fast"

- Skip Marcotte

"Form Follows Function"
- Bauhaus School
"Skateboarding: art form, lifestyle and sport."
- Tony Hawk



Hello Skaters,
We are having a quick Spring (moving) sale. There are a few complete boards that need good homes. You can view them on the FaceBook page:
Subsonic will be relocating to Seattle, WA in April.

03-04-15 Last call

Hello Skaters,
The sale of Subsonic is going to be complete by April 1st. I will retain some ownership and still be active in the background. March 15 will be the last day to order a custom board from me. This website will go dark on the 30th and reawaken mid April with the new Subsonic. I will be working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible.
Happy Spring,

02-09-2015 Pause in production

Hello Skaters,
I will be away from the shop to attend the Ultra Skate in Miami this week. I will be back on the job Thursday the 19th.
Wish me luck,

12-01-14 Holiday Sale

Hello Skaters,
I am having a sale on some complete boards. You can view the collection here:
Happy Holidays,

09-22-14 Note on Tracker trucks.

Hello Skaters,
Tracker RTS trucks have been out of stock all summer and there is no information on when they will be available. So, I tested the new Caliber SKP trucks and found them to be even more stable in back. The 8 and 8.5 match Bennett 5 and 6 trucks respectively. Also, the Randal DH 150 is my favorite back truck for the Bennett 6.
Have a great Fall,

07-23-14 Production pause

Hello skaters,
I hope everyone is having a great summer. It has been very busy in the Subsonic shop. I will be taking a break to visit family 8-12 to 8-21. Orders not shipped prior to my departure will be finished ASAP on my return. Sorry in advance for any delays.

05-24-14 Production pause

Hello Skaters,

Subsonic will be closed June 15-20 for a quick family trip. Orders not shipped prior to the break will be finished ASAP on my return.

01-17-14 Production break

Hello Skaters,
I will be away from the shop next week to compete in the Ultra Skate at the Miami Speedway on the 20th. I will be back on the job January 27.
Wish me luck,

01-07-14 Final year (for me)

Hello Skaters,
Welcome to a new year of skating. This will be my 15th and final year building skateboards. I also made an announcement of the Subsonic Facebook page and there are some nice comments there. I will be looking for a suitable successor during this year to purchase my brand and take it to the next level. In the mean time I will be working very hard to make this the best year ever for Subsonic. Look for new boards and other additions in the coming months.

12-03-13 Holiday sale

Hello Skaters,
I am having a secret sale on Vega 36 and Racecar 38 for the holidays. Only those who read this news will know. I need to make room for spring models so the sale ends when the (limited) quantity is gone.
Happy Holidays,