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subsonic longboard skateboard 2013 vega 36 detail
subsonic longboard skateboard 2013 vega 36 3 up
subsonic longboard skateboard 2013 vega 36 angle

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Vega 36

SKU: Vega36

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The Vega, now with a unique graphic, is the pro-model board for team rider Chip Wood. The Vega was designed with downhill and simplicity in mind - a forward centered rocker with radial concave keeps it simple and comfortable no matter what your style of riding is. Long and fast bombs, windy and technical drifting runs, steep freeriding hills - with the Vega between you and the pavement, every hill is your playground. While the board shape is not symmetrical, the concave is, making switch riding feel no different than your normal stance.


  • 35.75 in. Length
  • 10.00 in. Width, front
  • 09.50 in. Width, rear
  • 23.00 in. EFP
  • 00.62 in. Concave, radial
  • 00.50 in. Rocker
  • 25.50 in. Wheelbase
  • 26.00 in.
  • 27.00 in.
  • 27.50 in.
  • 04.38lbs. Weight
  • Price: $0.00

    Grip tape designs show color and increase traction by making edges.

    Choose the trucks best suited for your board and riding style.

    Wheels can be split duro sets so many are offered as pairs.

    Slalom and LDP boards have softer wheels in back.

    Choose the bearing that best suits your performance needs.

    These bushings kits include one barrel and one cone.

    Bushings in Slalom and LDP boards are normally harder in back.

    Choose an assembly kit that best fits your board.