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    Subsonic/TURNco Collaboration Longboards

    Subsonic/TURNco Collaboration Longboards

    Sometimes You Just Have to Have an Original

    Celebrating Subsonic Skateboards' updated website
     with unique 
    Subsonic/TURNco longboards

    Our website has a new look and you can, too.

    Check out the incredible TURNco/Subsonic collaboration boards

    with one-of-a-kind designs by Portland artist Skip Marcotte

    Subsonic/TURNco collaboration longboards
    Subsonic/TURNco collaboration longboards
    We also have new T-shirts with graphics from current and past board designs.  

    Perfect for a summer afternoon.


    Original boards for the ultimate original rider

    Subsonic Skateboards
    The Pursuit of Speed

    Subsonic Blackout Series

    Subsonic Blackout Series
    The Blackout series features boards that are a great value.  These decks are cosmetic factory seconds that are structurally sound, but had minor blemishes, such as misprinted graphics and small surface imperfections.  Each reworked board is black with vibrantly stained rails and wheel wells to make each one stand out.

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    New Hard Goods Now Available

    New Hard Goods Now Available

    Complete your custom or factory board with our new inventory of wheels, trucks, and bearings.

    Now Offering:

    Check out our expanding line of accessories:

    Click Here to Order Your Complete Custom or Factory Skateboard at


    If you're ordering a custom board and notice a product you're looking for is not available, send us an email and we can either special order it or take suggestions for other products we should carry

    Subsonic Skateboards

    The Pursuit of Speed

    New Custom Skateboard Builder

    New Custom Skateboard Builder

    Our website now offers the perfect way to create a skateboard that is unmatched elsewhere

    Some companies call it a custom board when you get to choose your own colors or a few components. Our definition of custom stretches far beyond, giving you the choice of shape, stiffness, construction, stain color and graphics.

    For the past 17 years Subsonic has provided the skating community with sought-
    after custom boards. After moving Subsonic Skateboards from Portland to Seattle in 2015, we have continued making our handcrafted boards while expanding our
    operations and improving our construction capacity.

    Now our new 4,000+ sq ft production facility is fully online and ready to make your riding dreams come true. Adding sophisticated CAD software and precision CNC machine milling to our famous handcrafted finishing, we can offer you nearly limitless creation off our pre existing platforms.

    This is the first installment of our new custom board builder, so expect ongoing development. Feedback is welcomed! We can't wait to see what kind of creations we’ll make for you!

    Click Here to Make Your Own Custom Skateboard at

    Subsonic Skateboards
    The Pursuit of Speed

    Interlaken Outlaw 2016

    Interlaken Outlaw 2016

    Last Saturday, the 11th, a group of individuals among the greater Seattle downhill skateboarding community gathered to race the 8th annual Interlaken Outlaw. This is arguably one of the most memorable outlaw races offered in Seattle and it's made possible by Rain Daley each year.

    This year Rain decided to make the event open to all, having no entry fee and no prize to keep the day with an emphasis on skateboarding.

    It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon without a single chance of rain. Although these are great conditions for skateboard racing, being an outlaw event on an open road this means that road traffic was relatively high which increased time between heats.

    Tons of riders of all ages and skill levels came out to race the iconic road.


    Devon Dotson

    Sandor Voros leading his heat

    Bradley Cameron & Kaleb Haddish

    Jackson Wells, Ryan Villa & Moe Wallace

    As finals approached, the heats became more and more competitive

    Josh Carpenter, always a crowd favorite

    After a long day of racing, the final standings conclude:

    1st - Simon Snethen

    2nd - Martin DePass

    3rd - Jackson Wells

    4th - Adam Little