Interlaken Outlaw 2016

Last Saturday, the 11th, a group of individuals among the greater Seattle downhill skateboarding community gathered to race the 8th annual Interlaken Outlaw. This is arguably one of the most memorable outlaw races offered in Seattle and it's made possible by Rain Daley each year.

This year Rain decided to make the event open to all, having no entry fee and no prize to keep the day with an emphasis on skateboarding.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon without a single chance of rain. Although these are great conditions for skateboard racing, being an outlaw event on an open road this means that road traffic was relatively high which increased time between heats.

Tons of riders of all ages and skill levels came out to race the iconic road.


Devon Dotson

Sandor Voros leading his heat

Bradley Cameron & Kaleb Haddish

Jackson Wells, Ryan Villa & Moe Wallace

As finals approached, the heats became more and more competitive

Josh Carpenter, always a crowd favorite

After a long day of racing, the final standings conclude:

1st - Simon Snethen

2nd - Martin DePass

3rd - Jackson Wells

4th - Adam Little

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