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    Unknown Skateshop - Marysville, WA - #realskateshopsonly

    Unknown Skateshop - Marysville, WA - #realskateshopsonly

    I had the opportunity this past weekend to go visit Unknown Skateshop in Marysville, WA and drop off some of our Factory Decks. Unknown is the keystone of the growing skating and longboarding scene in Marysville and Everett, a large urban area north of Seattle.

    The view of Unknown Skateshop from the street.

    The more stickers are on the front window and door, the better. It's a good sign that what's inside is going to be rad.

    Unknown has a large variety of street and pool components, and increasing their longboard gear by the day, but mostly stocking local gear like Subsonic.

    Graham at Unknown has brought in a large selection of vintage gear and apparel, art and other weird goods that you might not normally see at a skateshop. It really gives them a unique vibe, and there's something interesting for just about everyone. These name patches caught my attention, and I dug through bins until I found one with my name.

     If you're looking for more photos or info on Unknown Skateshop you can find them on the internet here and remember to follow John F. Kennedy on Instagram.

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    Mount Tabor Downhill Challenge 2016 Recap - Subsonic Skateboards

    Mount Tabor Downhill Challenge 2016 Recap - Subsonic Skateboards

    For 6 years in a row now, 100+ skaters of all ages from around the Northwest and beyond have gathered at Mount Tabor park to race the infamous hill bomb for a day.

    After the end of last year's event it was announced that it was the 5th and final MTDHC, however this was upsetting to many riders, spectators and organizers alike. With the help of volunteers this event was put back together by Eric Hoang of Daddies Boardshop and there was a solid turnout of riders.

     Ryan Villa, Emmett White, Martin Depass and Joel Battistoni taking a worthwhile practice heat

    Martin DePass leading his grom heat

    Women's finals

    Open Heat

    Masters heat

    With 4 different racing classes (groms, womens, open and masters), this race allows riders of all ages and skill levels to compete with other people who race among others who fall under the same skill category. Since this is a hill that tops out around 35mph and requires no sliding, riders get to practice their old school tucks by placing their feet as close together as possible on the board while maintaining a tuck.

    Subsonic Team Member Chip Wood

    Lee Dansie

    Trey Weston Denham

    Congratulations to everyone who made it on the podium!

    The final standings conclude:

    Groms: 1st Martin Depass
    2nd Joel Battistoni
    3rd Andrew Geromel
    4th Cyan Erdita

    Womens: 1st Victoria Waddington
    2nd Kaylene Beatty
    3rd Mariela Santiago
    4th Paloma Acha

    Masters: 1st Brendon Corrao
    2nd Dennis Manougian,
    3rd Gordon Miller
    4th Mike Shaughnessy

    Open: 1st Pat Haluska
    2nd Mack Wacey
    3rd Robin McGuirk
    4th Trey Denham