Custom Board Builder


Since day one, it’s been our mission to provide the most unique boards seen on the market. You’re looking for a noticeable difference from any board you’ve seen or ridden, and that starts with construction, stiffness, shape, or visual aesthetics. How the board feels and maneuvers for intended use can be customized to your liking whether pumping, long distance pushing, or downhill. With our custom board builder, you can order the most in-depth adjustments to any board on the market; from stain work to shape, our expertise and your imagination can co-create a beauty of a board built to last for miles.

What makes it custom?

  • Shape – What involves the shape?
    • We first start with our base model of each board. Width can be specified for those seeking varied leverage to their trucks. From pintails to platform decks, we have a wide range of models to choose from to get started.
  • Flex – Explanation of each flex.
    • 1 – Soft flex, for pumping and carving. Suggested for lighter weight riders.
    • 2 – Moderate flex, for pushing and comfort. Perfect middle ground.
    • 3 – Firm flex, for distance and consistency. Suggested for heavier riders.
    • 4 – Downhill flex, for stability and precision. When it matters.
  • Construction – Bill of materials
    • When ordering a custom board, rider weight is important when choosing the correct flex. We offer a range of flex options that vary on added materials. Choosing any composite material will increase the strength of the board as well as the finished look.
  • Finish – Exterior
    • Part of creating a custom board is the hand stain work involved. Here is where the creativity comes in, mixing colors and fades hand applied, unique to every board that comes out of our factory. We will work with you to get the finish you are looking for.
    • The exterior finish can be more than just stain. Carbon and texalium add structure to the board, but also their own unique finishes. Carbon shows off the beautiful black sheen, while texalium boasts a flashy silver weave.
For more information, please feel free to email us, we would love to sort out the details of your next custom board!