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    Electric Skateboards

    Electric Skateboards

    Available Now: High Performance Electric Skateboards

    E-Skateboards for the rider who gets that the board shouldn’t be an afterthought.

    Subsonic Skateboards pairs our high-performance longboard designs with state-of-the-art electronic components
    for an incredible ride that can’t be matched.  Our decks have 20 years of engineering design behind them that shapes how your board feels and maneuvers under your feet.

    For e-skate riders who really care what’s under their feet, we offer drop decks and top mount boards with superb construction and design, along with the technical features sought by serious athletes and well-informed casual riders.  Our custom battery enclosures meld with the deck to provide a sleek look and cover the power for incredible range and speed.  Whether an experienced rider or just beginning, you'll appreciate the uncompromising quality Subsonic longboards are widely known for.

    Subsonic E-Skateboards are currently shipped only within the continental US.


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