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    Subsonic Skateboards eSk8 Policies & Terms


    Subsonic Skateboards Warranties, Service Policy, Safety Information, and Terms of Use

    The policies, terms and safety information on this website are meant to keep you safe and informed. Please read all policies, terms, and safety information before purchasing and using an electric skateboard or traditional skateboard from Subsonic Skateboards.

    Skateboards are fun to ride, whether they are traditional or motorized, but they are not toys! All riders who purchase and use any skateboard from Subsonic Skateboards acknowledge that they are operating a powerful vehicle requiring skill, understanding, and attention. Minors should only ride with the permission and supervision of an adult.

    Practice Smart Riding Habits

    • Always ride with a properly fitted helmet on your head and use other safety equipment such as gloves and pads to protect your body.
    • Before riding, be familiar with all aspects of your board and how it functions. Inspect it frequently and always maintain it in good condition. The mechanical and electrical components have been carefully configured for durability, safety, and performance and must not be modified. Do not misuse it in any way.
    • Don't ride in unsafe conditions such as, but not limited to, inadequate lighting, wet or slick roadways, steep or loose terrain.
    • Don’t ride while impaired in any way such as, but not limited to, physical or mental exhaustion, using drugs or alcohol.
    • Do not risk your own safety or that of others by riding beyond your limits, such as, but not limited to, riding faster than you have skill for, negotiating steep hills, attempting to do tricks, maneuvering in crowded locations.
    • Always be aware of your surroundings and practice courtesy around pedestrians and others who are using the same thorough way where you ride.
    • Learn what the local laws are that govern skateboard use in your community, and always comply with those laws and the directions of any law enforcement.


    By purchasing our products, you agree that riding a motorized or traditional skateboard is a dangerous sport with the potential for injury or death, and you choose to participate at your own risk. Your purchase is an acknowledgment that you are an adult and understand how to competently use our products. Subsonic Skateboards (Northwest Distribution LLC) will not be held liable for any injuries incurred while using our products. We encourage all riders to be smart, wear a helmet and protective padding, and represent the global skating community well.

    Warranty / Returns

    • We back our electric skateboards with a 6-month warranty from manufacturing defects.  Warranty is to the original owner, with proof of purchase from Subsonic Skateboards and excludes impact damage, water damage/moisture exposure, damage from misuse/abuse or hazardous riding, tampering or alterations made to the board and its components, and regular wear and tear.
    • If you have any warranty inquiries, please contact us at info@subsonicskateboards.com.  Do not return an electric skateboard without a Return Authorization from Subsonic Skateboards.
    • All products other than longboards (hardgoods, apparel, etc.), with the exception of G|Bomb brackets and Don't Trip trucks, may be returned within 30 days of sale, with proof of purchase from Subsonic Skateboards.  Products must be in new condition, in original packaging, if applicable.
    • The return/exchange policies for G|Bomb brackets and Don't Trip trucks have the same restrictions and limitations as specified on their websites.
    • If you believe there is an error with your order, please contact us so we can determine what the problem is and how to correct it.
    • Because of the unique nature of a custom board, custom orders are non-returnable unless it is determined that we have made an error.

    Service Policy

    • We build high-performance longboards with state-of-the-art electronic components and we want to help you keep yours in top condition. Within the warranty window, one complimentary tune-up service is available to each purchaser to inspect / adjust or align the following components:
      • Wheel bearings
      • Belts (wear and tension)
      • Motor pulleys
      • Battery and controller function
      • Tires and tubes
    • Rider/owner will be contacted with a quote if any replacement parts or other services are needed.
    • Rider/owner pays for shipping on warranty tune-ups, and non-warranty repairs and maintenance, unless it is determined that there is a malfunction with the product.
    • A service fee is charged for tune-ups and repairs after the warranty period, or for non-warranty repairs and maintenance.
    • Email us at electric@subsonicskateboards.com if you have questions about preventative maintenance or would like to schedule a warranty or non-warranty service or tune up. Do not return an electric skateboard without first contacting Subsonic Skateboards. To help us troubleshoot any issues, in your email please provide any relevant info:
    • Your name and contact info
    • What you observe to be the problem
    • Under what conditions you experience the issue
    • How long you’ve had the problem and whether it started abruptly or gradually got worse
    • Any photos or video that could help us identify the issue


    These policies and terms refer to Subsonic Skateboards motorized skateboards.
    Please refer to our general policies and terms page for all other products.

    Subsonic Skateboards reserves the right to update this policy at any time.
    By purchasing a Subsonic Skateboards electric skateboard, purchasers acknowledge that they have read, understand, and accept the policies and terms stated above.


    With attention to safety and maintenance, Subsonic Skateboards are your ticket to fun.

    Since 1999
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    The Joy of the Ride