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    Downhill longboarding


    Suggested boards for:
    Pumping - Pulse, Century, Spirit, Illuminati, La Maquina
    Pushing - Century, GT 40, Illuminati, La Maquina,
    Downhill - Vega, Shadow, Borealis, Spirit
    Cruising - Ruse, Pulse, Century
    Freeriding - Vega, Shadow, GT 40

    All Purpose - Shadow, Ruse

    Flex Graph for Production Boards
    Looking to choose the right flex for your weight and riding style? 
    Our Flex Graph shows what flex to expect at any given rider weight for every deck in our production line-up
    (Note: for custom boards, you choose the flex you want and
    we build the board specifically for your weight and riding style)

    Subsonic Skateboards Flex Graph for Production Decks

    Good To Know:
    • All Subsonic longboards are clear coated 3 times in the finishing process (6 coats on the rails).  This makes them water resistant and very durable, but they are not water-proof (so don’t think you can use them for paddle boarding!)

    • No two longboards will be exactly the same.  It’s the nature of handcrafted boards that there will be slight differences, though rarely will that be noticeable.



    Q. I’d like a board with a lot of response at lower speeds.  What should I look for?
    A. The Century 40 and Pulse 40 are designed with pumping in mind and would be best for agile turning.

    Q. I don’t just do one kind of longboarding.  What board do you recommend for someone who likes to do it all?
    A. An all-around board is the best option, and we have a few boards that suit more than one discipline. The Shadow 37 and Ruse 39 are suited for commuting, freeride to mild downhill. The Century 40 is built for pushing and pumping. The Vega 36 and Borealis 36 are downhill topmount kings.

    Q. Are some decks better for lighter-weight or heavier-weight riders?
    A. Yes. The stiffness of your board relative to your weight determines the correct flex properties.  Check out the Flex Graph above to find the right board for your weight and riding style. You want a board that complements your weight in order to get the full use of the design.  For Long Distance Pushing/Pumping, this means a dialed-in flex for the best Flex-to-rebound ratio. For downhill, this means a board that isn't too heavy, but is strong enough to endure the forces of skating.

    Q. Which boards are more purpose-built?
    A. The Pulse 40 is intended to be a distance pumper.  The GT 40 is the solid-based pusher.


    Custom Built Boards:

    Q. Do you take custom orders?
    A. YES. We love building custom boards. Please check out our Custom Board Builder to start the creation process.  Questions about building a custom board can be directed to custom@subsonicskateboards.com

    Q. I’m trying to decide which composite to use: fiberglass, carbon fiber, or Texalium.  What should I take into consideration?

    A. Adding any of the three composite materials to your board will beef up the structure and make your board more durable.  Composites can be added to both top and bottom, or to one side only.  If just ordering one sheet of composite material it’s recommended to have it on the bottom.

    Fiberglass adds torsional strength to the board.  Carbon fiber is the stiffest of the three and works best on the bottom of the board for a solid base.  Texalium is a lighter-weight fiberglass with an aluminum finish.  Some riders choose one material for the top and different one for the bottom.

    The major difference is in the finished look of the board.  Carbon fiber provides a satin black finish with barely any visibility to the wood underneath.  Texalium has a flashy silver tri-axial weave that also covers the wood below.  Fiberglass, on the other hand, is translucent once the resin has cured, so stain colors and patterns on the wood are visible through the weave of the glass.  All three are good choices!

    Q. Can I request a full composite wrap on my board?
    A. No. Unfortunately, we don’t offer full composite wraps.

    Q. Is the stain pattern and colors on a custom board mirrored on both sides?
    A. It’s totally up to you!  Most people use the same colors and patterns on both top and bottom, but because it’s a custom board, you can choose whatever colors or patterns you wish.  Some people are very specific about what they want and give us detailed notes and pictures on how they would like their board to look.  Other people might just pick out colors and leave it up to us to be creative.  It's really your choice on how much you want to specify.

    Q. How long does it take to make a custom board?
    A. Most custom boards will ship within 10 business days after payment is received.  After staining the maple face plies, the board is laid-up with the correct materials and pressed in our custom-made presses with our proprietary molds.  The board then needs sufficient time in a climate controlled room to cure before the CNC and milling work is done to create the final shape.  Rails and wheel wells are stained if that’s been chosen, then each board gets 3 coats of clear coat (6 on the rails!) before the graphic and grip tape go on.  Foam core boards occasionally take a few extra days, but you will be notified if that happens.

    Q. Can I send you artwork or images for a custom board?
    A. Unfortunately, no. We customize length, width, flex, color and just about everything other than graphics. You can choose from any of our standard graphics or specify no graphic.

    Q. Do you offer Private Label/OEM manufacturing?
    A. YES. Please contact sales@subsonicskateboards.com regarding OEM services



    • Most orders placed on our website before 3pm Pacific Time will ship same day. Orders placed after 3pm will likely ship next day.
    • Custom orders typically ship 10 business days after payment is received.
    • Decks and completes are generally shipped through UPS Ground.
    • Smaller shipments are usually shipped by USPS.
    • Shipping prices are based on product weight and size of package.  Shipping prices are added in the Check Out section after shipping address is entered, but before purchase method is entered.
    • Most international shipments are through USPS.
    • International shipping prices vary by global region and can be seen in the Check Out section after shipping address is entered, but before purchase method is entered.

    • Please be aware of the customs laws in your own country. If international shipments are subject to import taxes in a customer's country, Subsonic Skateboards is not responsible for the import duty levied.

    Custom Boards:
    • Most custom orders typically ship 10 business days after payment is received.  This allows sufficient time for the board to be crafted, cured, and finished.  Foam core boards can occasionally take a few days longer.
    • If the unique circumstances of your board requires more time, we will send an email letting you know of any delay.

    Warranty / Returns:
    • We back our decks with a 1 year warranty from manufacturing defects.  Warranty is to the original owner, with proof of purchase from Subsonic Skateboards or an authorized retailer, and excludes impact damage and regular wear and tear.  If you have any warranty inquiries please contact us at info@subsonicskateboards.com.
    • If you believe there is an error with your order, please contact us so we can determine what the problem is and how to correct it.
    • Because of the unique nature of a custom board, custom orders are non-returnable unless it is determined that we have made an error.

    • Your personal information is only used to complete your order and to communicate with you if you have opted in to our mailing list.  We do not share or sell this information with any other entity.
    • For our complete privacy policy click here.

    Website Errors:
    • We are always trying to improve our products and offer a wide selection for our customers, so this website gets updated regularly.  We are careful about website postings, but since we’re humans and not robots there may be occasional errors found here.
    • We reserve the right to make corrections in the event of a misprint or change.


    By purchasing our products you agree that skateboarding is a dangerous sport and you choose to participate at your own risk. Your purchase is an acknowledgement that you understand how to competently use our products. Subsonic Skateboards (Northwest Distribution LLC) will not be held liable for any injuries incurred while using our products. We encourage all riders to wear a helmet, be smart, and represent the global skating community well.