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    Subsonic Skateboards have been made in the Pacific Northwest since 1999

    Our Story

    Founded in 1999 in the beautiful Pacific Northwest by master craftsman and longboarder Scott Moore, Subsonic Skateboards specializes in longboards for Freeriding, Downhill, Distance, and Cruising.  After moving Subsonic Skateboards from Portland to Seattle in 2015, we have continued making our handcrafted custom longboards while expanding our operations and improving construction capacity to include ready-made production boards. 

    At our Seattle production facility, we pair sophisticated CAD engineering and precision CNC machine milling with our famous handcrafted finishing to offer individuals and skate shops across the globe performance decks and completes that feature the same uncompromising quality our custom boards are widely known for. 

    Subsonic longboards are the performance boards of choice for the longboarder who really cares about what’s under his or her feet.  And we care about the longboard community and the future of our sport.  There is no typical longboarder and we are committed to making boards for all the unique riders out there.  Including you.

    Subsonic Skateboards Shadow Seattle skyline

    The location below is our manufacturing facility and not a retail store.  Our longboards can be purchased online at subsonicskateboards.com or at select skateboard shops.  Ask for Subsonic Skateboards at longboard stores in your local area.


    Northwest Distribution LLC                                 Seattle Made logo
    Subsonic Skateboards
    1605 S. 93rd St. Unit ED                                           
    Seattle, WA 98108



    Skate shops interested in a wholesale catalog can contact us by phone or through email at sales@subsonicskateboards.com