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    We Build Boards with Purpose 

    The Pulse                     Pumping
    The Century 40        Long Distance Pushing / Pumping
    The Century 36       Long Distance Pushing / Pumping
    The Illuminati         Long Distance Pushing / Pumping
    The Ruse
                     General Purpose 
    The GT40              General Purpose / Downhill Freeride
    The Shadow         Downhill Freeride
    The Vega              Downhill Freeride / Downhill Racing
    The Spirit
     Slalom Racing / Downhill Racing

    Good To Know:

    • All Subsonic longboards are clear coated in the finishing process. 
      This makes them water resistant and very durable.

    • No two longboards will ever be exactly the same.  It’s the nature of handcrafted boards that there will be slight differences between every deck.

    Check out our FAQs to learn more