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Custom Century 40

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Hybrid Push-Pump

Century 40:
Designed with pushing and pumping in mind, as well as comfort and response, the Century 40 has it all. From the 2 inch drop to the wedge/dewedge system, this board will go the distance. We have revamped the construction to 7 plies of maple with embedded fiberglass—a sheet of fiberglass underneath the face plies—for added response without the possibility of tearing the fiberglass.

Here’s a breakdown of each feature and its use:

  • The dropped platform helps the rider travel less distance to reach the ground, making it much easier when pushing
  • In combination with the drop, the slight camber gives a comfortable rebound to keep feel alive
  • The wedge/de-wedge system allows a lot of adjustment for those into pumping and carving, as well as an added position for a 0 degree rear truck

    **Boards typically take around 10 business days for production, as each is made to meet individual specifications**

    Length: 40"
    Width: 9 3/4" to 9 1/2"
    Drop: 2"
    Concave: 1/2"
    Camber: 1/4"
    Wheelbase: 28 1/2", 29", 32 1/2", 33"
    Front Angle: +10°
    Rear Angle: -10°

    NOTE: Photos of production boards are shown for an example. Your board have a unique look depending on the stains and composites you choose.

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