Custom GT40

Custom GT40

Subsonic Skateboards

$ 150.00


When Subsonic moved up to Seattle, we wanted to showcase our region in a board for all to enjoy. The blue and earth tones portray the bond to nature we all cherish and the graphic brings it all together. The Factory GT40 comes in a solid 9-ply maple construction to withstand the test of time. Rooted in the push scene, this board serves as a middle ground for those looking to branch out their style. Built for pushing with the double drop system, it serves a double purpose by providing a solid platform for sliding. The extra low center of gravity guides the wheels through controllable loss of traction, for smoother sliding and soft hookups.

**Boards typically take around 10 business days for production, as each is made to meet individual specifications**

Length: 40"
Width: 10"
Drop: 1 1/2"
Concave: 3/8"
Wheelbase: 33"

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