Custom La Maquina 27

Custom La Maquina 27

Subsonic Skateboards

$ 150.00

When Subsonic created La Maquina, the endless argument that LDP stands for Long Distance Pushing vs. Long Distance Pumping got laid to rest.

Made with a dropped height for economy pushing and still keeping great pumping properties makes this deck one the most versatile hybrid Push/Pump setups on the market today. Shaped with the right amount of concave to hold your feet secure and a nice tapered waist that gives that perfect torsional flex this board delivers performance with a timeless feel and comfort for pumping and pushing your way to your final destination, whether it is on a long chill trek or to the finish line of an intense race.

This board was designed with G-Bomb Standard and Deep Drop brackets; however, the Pump bracket and Super Fork bracket set the truck inward too much and cause heavy wheel bite in the front when pumping. For this board, those two options are not available. The Torsion Tail will still work, of course.

**Boards typically take around 10 business days for production, as each is made to meet individual specifications**

Length: 27"
Width: 9 1/4"
Waist: 8 1/2"
Camber: 1/4"
EFP: 25"

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